Gutter Lining Systems

Gutter and Rainwater Systems

Valley and Boundary wall gutters are manufactured from galvanised steel with complimentary accessories to suit the individual project requirements. A range of standard profiles are available, these sections have been designed to cater for the majority of steel framed building applications and are offered with options on finish specification. Where design flexibility is needed custom made profiles in steel and in certain situations Aluminium, can be designed and manufactured to specific dimensions, a full design and technical service is available for both standard and custom rainwater systems.


The Streamline eaves gutter system meets today’s need for an attractive yet economical fascia type gutter to compliment modern metal sidewall cladding profiles. Neat square downpipes and optional matching verge trim complete the system.

Seamless Gutterline System

Gutterline stops gutters leaking. Easily, efficiently, cost effectively, and for good.

Manufactured exclusively by HD Sharman, the Plygene Gutterline®material is incredibly hard-wearing and carries a 25 year guarantee. It is pliable enough to mould to any gutter profile and will tolerate changes in temperatures and building movement without splitting or cracking.

The unique Gutterline system creates a totally sealed, fully waterproof ‘gutter within a gutter’ leaving the original gutter untouched so there is no need for any structural work.


Eaves and Valley Gutter Systems