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Looking for a Bristol based approved roofing company to safely remove and replace your old asbestos roof. Contact us now for a free no obligation quote.

Asbestos Removal

We are specialists in the removal and safe disposal of bonded asbestos, we also carry out garage roof renewals which involves the removal of the bonded asbestos roof sheets and disposal to a licensed landfill site. We replace the old materials with a plastisol coated steel roof sheet system that does not condensate like other products supplied by other companies. All members of staff are UKATA trained which enables Apex to safely remove and dispose of your Asbestos materials

Garage Roof Before

Garage Roof: Before Apex

Garage Roof After

Garage Roof: After Apex

Just a few lines to thank you for the excellent job, swiftly done, in replacing the leaky roof on my garage. Certtainly the new roof has been well tested, especially today by pelting rain showers. It is great to have a garage without unwanted pools of water all over!
Verna and Charles B

Drip Stop Systems

We use this system on all profiled garage roofs. The roof panel with DRIPSTOP anti-condensation felt provides a medium for trapping this moisture in the specially designed pockets formed in the membrane. DRIPSTOP holds that moisture until conditions go back below the dew point and it is released back into the air in the form of normal humidity.

DRIPSTOP anti-condensation felt is self adhesive, and is applied to the metal panel in the roll forming process. As a result, DRIPSTOP arrives at the building site already in place and set to be installed with the roofing panels immediately. The membrane is resistant to aging, and also provides an additional layer of protection for your metal roof.

DRIPSTOP can be used in virtually any environment (structure) where condensation is a problem.

We were extremely impressed by Apex from the start. After a quick response to my request for a quote, we didn’t approach anyone else as the price was reasonable and the information helpful and exactly what we needed; a replacement garage roof for our dilapidated 60s garage roof.

After a quick survey, the job was completed quickly, to an extremely high standard and by a professional and tidy team. Our neighbour, who owns a number of rental properties and deals with tradesmen frequently, commented on the quality of the work and team immediately. There also wasn’t a speck of mess left behind. Very impressed, highly recommend.
B Knee

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