Flat Roofing

Apex Industrial Roofing, specialise in traditional built up high performance flat roof systems.

Current high performance felt roofing systems are very versatile and robust compared to many of the single ply systems on the market which tend to prove less reliable. Felt roofing systems have been available for many years, and once installed by Apex Industrial Roofing, can achieve 10 to 25 year guarantees (depending on specification).

High performance felt roof systems can be installed to many surfaces including – timber decking, concrete deck, asphalt roofs, existing felt roofs, walkways etc…

Felt roof systems are ideal for flat roof areas which require access to machinery or plant, the tough surface can provide a non slip walkway to access plant and machinery safely unlike some smoother surfaces available.

The tough but durable finish to the felt roof systems can provide a difficult to pierce surface unlike some single ply products.

Apex have been installing felt roof systems for over 30 years and can offer insurance backed guarantees along with the standard manufacturers guarantee, this gives the customer peace of mind to know they are covered.

Felt Roofing Before

Flat Roofing Before

Felt Roofing Before

Flat Roofing After